24th November 2019

Back once again with 3 tracks, 3 albums/EPs and 3 mixes that we've been feeling recently. This edition includes dubstep badness from Aardvarck, divine ambient from Malibu, and Warp Records doing what they do best with an assortment of mega tracks. Tuck in.



'Three Sides of a Shell (1. Aperture 2. Columella 3. Sea If You Can Here)'


This 19-minute jam from Nous'klaer Audio’s Oceanic is an exercise in expertly crafting tension using minimalist elements. Skittering marble sounds and synthesised bleeps slowly gather pace, transforming into swirling strings and increasingly insistent mallets that enhance the piece’s sense of adventure and movement. Wrap your ears around this one.




'Monkey See...'


This is technically a reissue of a 10-year old track, but what better way to close out the decade than to meditate on the absolute phenomenon  that was dubstep in the mid-noughties. This track is as rugged as an early DMZ plate, with subs to beat you up in a dark alleyway and distorted, metallic overtones that are equally otherworldly. Simply put this song is an absolute heavyweight bruiser, lurching and shuffling straight through you. There's no avoiding the bassweight.




'Hearth Transplant'


A meticulously crafted breakbeat tune from Etch that combines some really fresh and invigorating drum patterns with this warping through line that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern bassline track. Later on in the track, there is an unexpected appearance of none other than everyone’s favourite plumber, Mario Mario of Super Mario Bros fame. Unfortunately though, he doesn't stick around for long, as he can be heard under the torment of Big Boo in Big Boo’s Haunt, losing some hard earned coins as his life meter is drained.




One Life

Joyful Noise / NYC UNO

Right from the opening notes of ‘Nana (Like A Star Made For Me)’, One Life’s first track, a feeling is evoked that is at once cleansing yet totally captivating. Malibu’s gorgeously reverbed pads and ethereal vocals envelope the listener in a sea of luscious ambience, making it nearly impossible to drag yourself away from her sublime lullabies. It’s the kind of record where you won’t notice that it’s been on repeat several times, nor will you mind at all. If anything, One Life is best experienced by looping it indefinitely, allowing yourself to be fully soaked in the French artist’s other-worldly textures.



Rui Ho

In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日

Objects Limited


Shanti Celeste


Peach Discs

Shanti Celeste's latest offering feels like a natural evolution of her previous work. As a debut LP it oozes warmth and subtlety, moving between ambient selections and pacy techno but mainting a friendly, sunny disposition. Vital listening as a Vitamn C shot in these dark winter months.



Various Artists

WXAXRXP Sessions Sampler

Warp Records

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary as a label, Warp are releasing a mammoth 10x LP full of previously unreleased tracks, original mixes and live versions all from their eye-wateringly talented roster of artists. The sampler showcases each of the of the 10 artists receiving their own LP, with the list clearly skewing towards longest serving veterans of the label like LFO and Bibio, which is perhaps disappointing for fans of artists Yves Tumor and Kelela, but also perhaps understandable given nostalgic nature of the project. Some of the best cuts off this compilation come from Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, who offer up with some gorgeous IDM that’s never seen an official release before despite years of online whispering about the existence of ‘Slo Bird Whistle’.



tau contrib

Motion Cast Vol. 40

Leipzig’s tau contrib wades through the dank depths of gnarly yet dazzling ambience in this magnificent entry to Motion Ward's mix series. Tune in for 46 minutes of ASMR-textures that sound so tactile you can almost touch them. FEEL IT!




Crack Magazine - Sunday Mix

To coincide with the release of his debut album proper, Vegyn, known previously for collaboration with Frank Ocean, JPEGMAFIA, and Travis Scott, has delivered a beautifully melancholic but playful mix for Crack's Sunday Series. It draws from a wide range of inspiration, starting with an oddly hilarious Half Life sample before weaving through Boards of Canada, Henry Purcell, and Motoi Sakuraba's Dark Soul's soundtrack. the blend of humour and woozy sparkle is a warm miso soup for the mind and soul.




Keep Hush Live: 1985 Music Takeover 2 - All Vinyl Jungle Set

Classic jungle tunes in a really tight mix – such a vibe!