1 August 2019


The Texture Mag team are delighted to introduce our new fortnightly update, '3x3': 3 tracks, 3 albums and 3 mixes that we've been enjoying recently and would recommend to anyone out there who's looking for the latest tip. Whatever it is you're into, hopefully there's something here for you. Let's get it!



Oli XL



'I'm a loser baby / So why don't you kill me', states Oli XL on 'Clumsy', a glitchy track off his incredible debut album Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer. Despite this melancholy mantra, 'Clumsy' is a playful track. Crushed ambient pads blend with robotic beeps and shuffling broken beats, sounding like your Windows 95 PC trying to boot up over and over again. The PAN and Posh Isolation affiliate's voice is pitched up and distorted, as if his adolescent bluntness is being spoken from somewhere within your speakers - hide and seek inside your computer.

- tg



'Passion Peace'

Shadow Gazing

Vying for the coveted crown of best album title this week, ‘Passion Peace’ is the first taster of Lighght’s upcoming full-length Gore-Tex In The Club, Balenciaga Amongst The Shrubs. The mood is saccharine, abundantly joyful, and full of the residue of the contemporary trance revival. With an intense but percussionless energy it’s sure to be heard both opening and closing out hi-NRG sets over the next few months.

- cj


Alaska Reid



Quake is the debut pop venture from Alaska Reid, formerly of Alyeska, in collaboration with PC Music stalwart A.G. Cook. The track excellently showcases Cook’s more mature style of pop production which has developed over numerous projects with Charli XCX into a more subdued yet more affecting sound while still maintaining some of that characteristic PC flair in the instrumentation. The track grows in urgency from a lazy beginning with just Alaska’s voice and a single guitar sound until the distortion from that guitar almost buries her vocals completely as the quake hits at the end of the song.




Erika de Casier


Independent Jeep Music

Copenhagen-based Erika de Casier soothingly sings over crystal, early UKG-style arpeggios and badboy R&B beats on her debut album, Essentials. From the silky sashay of ‘Do My Thing’, to the getting-over-you heartache of ‘Little Bit’, this record is sensual and personal in equal measure. This one’s for the lovers, the broken-hearted, and anyone who just wants to get down to some seriously sun-kissed beats. 




any attempt to control the environment or the self by means that are either untested or untestable, such as charms or spells

Activia Benz

A relatively familiar formula is elevated to the next level in this newest album by Slugabed: Trademark meanderings through jazz, hip-hop and ambient are brought together in this melting pot of a 16 track album. Where it could overwhelm or disorient, the sense of wry humour that permeates every song allows each to find its own place and ties them together into a coherent whole. The sentiment meanders between soulful smoothness and electrically spiky excursions which someone manage to maintain a real groove, and is all finessed by poignant sampling and foley work.



DJ Bogdan

Love Inna Basement

(Not on label)

dj bogdan.jpg

This release that was, in reality, put together by Objekt and Call Super is the culmination of a running joke that has lasted since the original release of Theme From Q back in 2017. Supposedly produced by the elusive DJ Bogdan in an ode to his highly esteemed (yet sadly fictional) night club Basement Q, these two tracks well encapsulate this character of Bogdan that the pair manufactured for this project/prank. The Midnite XTC version of the track, which is canonically claimed to be the original hardcore version off of which Theme From Q was based, is the heavier cut off the EP and absolutely drips with swagger - it truly captures the old-school hardcore sound while keeping the clean breaks and warping sounds from Theme From Q. The Morning Dub is slightly more light and airy, and though it doesn’t pack as much of a punch as the A side, it does just as well in shining a new light on what was something of a worn out track, given its immense popularity upon its 2017 release.

- ag



Violet with BLEID

Rinse FM, 12th July 2019

Everything Violet touches right now seems to turn to gold, and this edition of her Rinse FM residency is no exception. The Portuguese producer and Naïve boss delivers an hour of tightly mixed broken beats, including a body-popping electro x Wiley mashup and Morwell’s 160bpm Ariana Grande edit. She then hands over to fellow Naïve affiliate BLEID, who stuns us just as much by dropping hyperbeam grime instrumentals and even Burial’s ‘Archangel’. Absolutely bonkers.



Eris Drew

Raving Disco Breaks vol. 1

This is an absolute summer slammer of a two-part mixtape. Eris Drew takes us on a characteristically personal journey through rave, disco, breaks (apt title #3), house, and funk, and all are mixed with virtuosic aplomb. There are few artists employing turntablism and scratching in such a smooth way at the moment, and it builds to a thoroughly enjoyable hour of music. This shit bumps.





Kelela weaves together a blissful selection from some of the greatest ambient producers of recent decades, with household names like Aphex Twin, Autechre and Biosphere along with a number of artists that have seen spikes in popularity following the recent renaissance of Japanese New Age Sounds, including Susumu Yokota and Visible Cloaks. The mix is unique in its inclusion of original vocals overlaying the entire soundscape - Kelela’s silky and enchanting voice perfectly complements the soothing synth sounds, heightening the sense of serenity in the reoccurring sounds of water and of nature and deepening the sense of sorrow that grows within the darker sections of the mix.