15th August 2019


We're back for our second edition of 3x3: 3 tracks, albums/EPs and mixes from the 3 of us. If you were lucky enough to head to a festival in the last two weeks, we hope there's some club music here to reignite those memories. If you're still mourning the cancellation of Houghton, we hope there's some non-club music in here to help you convince yourself that you didn't want to go anyway :'(. If neither of these apply to you, we hope you'll find something you like regardless. Tuck in!



Ouai Stéphane

'Ouai Ouai'

Global Warming Records

Ouai Stéphane is, from what I can gauge through his cryptic online presence, a French producer and DJ who takes great pleasure in making and modifying music hardware to create bizarre sound concoctions. His electronic tinkering does not stop there however, with numerous videos littering his Instagram that show off the somewhat creepy customisations he's made to a Big Mouth Billy Bass (one of those novelty plastic fish that sing when you press a button), making it respond to and filter his own voice. Whether that particular 'instrument' is used in this track, I am unsure, but this wacky tune really got in my head this week with its repetitive refrain and spectacularly groovy bassline.

- ag



'Lucky Number 12'

Jenkem Recordings

AceMo and MoMa Ready are two skaters from New York who released their collaborative AceMoMa EP on the music label arm of the skateboarding magazine ‘Jenkem’. The label described the record as sounding “like what a long night out in NYC feels like in 2019 (minus the coke headache the next day).” It’s easy to get a sense of what this might mean on ‘Lucky Number 12’, a drum and bass workout that sounds like hurtling through the buzzing city at night. Tender, cloudy pads float above blistering breakbeats – the soundtrack to those wild nights out where you can’t stop thinking about something playing at the back of your mind. The rest of the EP switches between acid house and techno, but this track finds the best balance between full-throttle dynamism and reflective focus. 





Public Possession

As an unironically huge fan of Blue Pedro, it's exciting to know that Nathan Jenkins is still writing under the Bullion moniker. Whilst he's continued to produce for others, since he took pretty much every corner of the dance music space by storm with the most oddball hit of 2017 Bullion has been rather quiet. This is no hit to replace 'Blue Pedro', but reflects his abstract sensibilities nonetheless in its warbling, sliding guitars reminiscent of sundown on an alien salt flat. Combined with Autechre-esque funk bass and grinding drones It's both beautiful and beautifully odd. An antidote to kick drums in all shapes and sizes.

- cj




Brand New Adult


This debut record from Amsterdam-based BEA1991, showcases a sound on the fringes of R&B and bedroom pop. Bea's silvery vocals are perhaps the standout of the album, often twisted and transformed by layers of tracks, filters and effects, turning her voice into something more multifacted and celestial on tracks like 'Don't Touch My Freedom'. Some personal highlights on this album come from the few tracks that were produced with the help of long-time collaborator Dev Hynes: of Blood Orange fame. Tracks like 'Did You Feel Me Slip Away?' and 'I'm a Goldmine' have these deep, brooding basslines, provided by Hynes, that contrast excellently with the ASMR-esque sounds that otherwise permeate the record.

- ag


Coucou Chloe



“Baby you were right, I’m just fucked up”, mutters Coucou Chloe above ‘JUICY’s distorted, face-melting trap beat. Her deep and sultry voice is casual, yet commands attention, her pitch-shifting voice constantly transforming into a variety of growling, tough textures. All five tracks on her NAUGHTY DOG EP clock in at just under three minutes, as if the French artist and fashion week soundtracker says what she needs to say with attitude, ferocity and glamour. 

- tg


Various Artists



total solidarity.jpg

Compilations are always great fun to dig through, throwing up newfound favourites and hidden gems galore, and this new 113-track monster proves to be no different. It's been curated to raise money for grassroots LGBTQIA+ organisations in Poland in the face of far-right protests, and hosts a slew of experimental and electronic music's most exciting names such as object blue, Lee Gamble, Loraine James and Violet. There are guaranteed to be some new finds in here for any listener, and each track is comparatively cheap at 45 cents. There's no justification not to at least cop a few.

- cj



Vazy Julie


Hailing from Marseilles, Vazy Julie brings an ecclectic selection of heavy hitters from all across the world for her show with the Brothers From Different Mothers label. The mix ranges from dancehall, to trap, to experimental sounds that defy any further categorisation, pulling you from one end of the spectrum to the other with very little notice and an ever-heightening sense of aggression. It's one hour, absolutely crammed with bangers: IDs will be needed.

- ag



FACT Mix 720

Sam Barker’s music is breath-taking. The Ostgut Ton affiliate, whose stunning Debiasing EP formed part of the inspiration behind Objekt’s ‘no-kick rollers’ RA Podcast last year, offers another glimpse of why this is the case with his recent FACT mix. Comprised of exclusive material from his live performances, it demonstrates his capacity to create such captivating, body-propelling rhythm through blissful modular synth melodies. They move like the mesmerising fluttering of a butterfly you chase but just can’t catch, and make you marvel at how hardware can produce music that captures such a resonant, euphoric and uniquely human emotion. Peng

- tg


Karima F


Norwegian-Algerian Karima F really encompasses an attitude I've only ever managed to get right at home, on my own: uncompromising selection and a real sense of playfulness in the way such a diverse palette of sounds is mixed. The mix is percussive but not dark, with lush tonality acting as the glue which holds it all together.

- cj