Texture Tape 021

Minna Eyre

For the 21st instalment of our Texture Tapes mix series, we're delighted to be handing the reins over to Minna Eyre! With ease, she glides through a selection of deliciously deep and quirky house cuts, subtly shifting between vast, expansive atmospheres and slick, smooth swagger.

What were your ideas or plans going into the mix?


I knew coming into it that I wanted to play some denomination of house tunes. I was raised mostly on old school dance music, and I felt this weird need to bring that sound back into the techno focused circles I was in. I came onto the DJ scene by massive accident but still feel strongly towards playing something loud, melodic, and cheesy - often with some sweet out of tune vocals - so I think that’s what I went for here, but I don’t think I limited myself to a genre. I find if you’re not playing live, it’s much more interesting to hear a variety of sounds rather than some perfectly performed mix - which excuses me for any sloppy choppiness!


What have been your favourite recent releases or events?

One of the tracks in the mix, 'Mibale' by Lee Burridge & Lost Desert (feat. Junior) came out earlier this year and it’s been on repeat for about two weeks now. I also have to give a special shout out to my dad, who re-released one of his tracks from the 90s. It’s called 'Voice', under the name Electrospy (on Legwork Records go check it), and it truly bangs, but I might be biased…


Favourite events… I recently went to Terraforma Festival in Italy which was wildly good, I’d recommend to anyone. Other than that, the last event I went to was the VIP MIX birthday special at Bunker. 10/10.

What’s the music scene like where you’re from??


It’s not non-existent, but I’m from Bournemouth. Unless you were part of the indie scene in 2014, or you love clubbing in town, there isn’t much to mention…  

Is there a show you would love to go back in time and experience again?

Probably this Tim Hecker show at the Barbican. It was only last year, but I made the mistake of going when I was immeasurably tired- and it’s ambient/ drone music- so all I could think about was how sleepy I was. I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I should have, and I had some really weird sleep-state out-of-body experiences.

How do you organise your music?

I don’t hah!

A track you've always wanted to play out but never had the chance?

I haven’t played enough gigs to have built up any secret special show desires yet… in my head, me DJing is still sort of a joke, so I don’t think about it much.


Your dancefloor saver?


'Baiana' by Barbatuques (the Cosme Martin & Christian Vila remix). It got shown to me by a friend last year - and never fails to make people dance.

Your favourite club?


I don’t go clubbing! From the amount of times I’ve been present at Grow Tottenham this year you’d think it would be there, but far from it. I like Friday nights at Lion and Lamb pub in Hoxton- £5 on door, and good music every time.

The soundtrack to your funeral?

I’ve never once put a thought to it!

And on a lighter note, the tune you'll still be listening to in 50 years?

Any of my dad’s tracks. I’ll be loyally loving them forever, however lame that seems.


William Kouam Djoko - Intro 

Unreleased by my dad lol  - Experienced

Noah Pred - Circles and Circles feat. Rosina (Extended Mix) 

Eartone - Reminisces of a Journey

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert (feat. Junior) - Mibale 

Markus Homm - Red One

Green Velvet - Bigger than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) 

Mano Le Tough - She Sighed